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Criminology: Scientific Understanding of Crime Description

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Reza Barmaki

SOC307 July 4th Criminology: Scientific Understanding of Crime Description - what? - categorization, definition, data o what is happening Explanations - why? - theoretical o why does it happen Policy Recommendations - solutions o what can we do about it Ch 12-13 - description of types of crime - definitions - examples - charts - data - explanations - why? - reasons/motives Different Types of Crime - political crimes o crimes against humanity o power as a reward – over o war crimes money o torture o governments o ethnic cleansing o crime of the state o use of banned biochemical o politicians agents in war o assassinations - economic crimes o kidnapping o illegal organizations o vote rigging o organized crime - international crimes o legitimate institutions – o governmental or non- corporation governmental agencies Why? – Explanation - personal motives o normal and abnormal - organizational goals - sociological insight - individual and organizational motives are shaped by the larger economic, political, and cultural values and trends o you have to move from individual reasons to a bigger picture o what the individual does (usually) reflects the trends in broader society - sociological theories - individual motives: o economic  monetary gain o passion/desires/pleasures  jealousy, sex o under influence  drugs, alcohol o opportunity  stealing, not paying - may reflect broader trends Individual Crime Stories 1. - impersonating a police officer - porn detective - borrow porn for free to check the age of actors/actresses - sociological curiosity: o sex and crime link o what are the broader causes or implications 2. - drug addict - buys crack-cocaine - approaches a police office and complains about the quality of it - asks officer to arrest the dealer - what is the connection between drug addiction and crime? 3. - tried to forge and cash a cheque for 360 billion - connection between crime and education 4. - Feb 22, 2010 in Scotland - 22 year old man had sex with a tree in the park - banned from entering the park again - psychology of crime? o what is the relationship o funny and embarrassing, so why are they doing it? Essay… - description: o definition, charts, data, numbers, stats o how many, how long,
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