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Class Outline Course SOC309H5F Lecture 21/05/2013 Topic: Advertising – techniques and effects Key educational goals/outcomes for today: Gain a good understanding of the most common advertising and propaganda techniques, so that you can apply it in critical viewing of advertisements and in your research paper for this course. Learn about some of many biases in advertising representations of society (including that of Asian Americans). Readings Delisle, Raina. 2010. “How Canwest helped Shell Oil greenwash its tar sands business.” This Magazine. September 7. Online. Pollay, Richard W. 1983. “Measuring the Cultural Values Manifest inAdvertising”, Current Issues and Research inAdvertising. 6: 1. 71-92. Taylor, Charles R., Stacy Landreth and Hae-Kyong Bang. 2005. “AsianAmericans in Magazine Advertising: Portrayals of the ‘Model Minority’.” Journal of Macromarketing. 25: 2. 163-174. Questions to guide the reading/to think about ahead of time for students Pollay believes that advertising not only connects to, but also influences audience’s values. What are his reasons for this belief? According to Pollay, linguistic and visual elements of advertising associate the product with particular social values either directly or indirectly. Describe these four techniques. Think of examples that you are familiar with. Why does Delisle consider “special features” and “special supplements” on the ecology of tar sands a violation of journalistic ethics? Note that she calls this content “advertorial”, although it has been produced (paid for) by an advertiser. How does her definition differ from Steinem’s definition of advertorial? What expectations did Taylor and his co-authors form regarding the content and placement of magazine advertisements featuringAsianAmerican models? Were all of them supported? What results did they find in magazines with highAsianAmerican readership? Understand the two theories that explain importance of advertising representation of various social groups. Be able to apply them to new content. A GENDA FOR CLASS Introduction While we review shortly most common advertising techniques, you will notice that most of them are identical to techniques of propaganda. Sometimes, they appear under different names in discussions of propaganda and discussions of advertising.Advertising industry has been successful in disassociating itself from propaganda, which has clear negative connotation for most of its target audiences. Midterm test on May 23 rd The main concepts for today Advertising  Advertising is paid,2-nonpersonal, 3-comm from, 4- an identified sponsor using 5-mass media to 6-influence an audience  Asubset of propaganda  Advertising as a social problem  Seen as manipulative and exploitive  For this reason, ethical requirement to make audience aware that it is exposed to advertising  Clear dileanation b/n advertising and other media content  Violated by advertorials-editorial content howver fills function of advertising (Steinem- editor has to produce advertisements..mascara pd money next to it hot make up trends instructions for mascara), advertainment-entertainment produced by corp sponsor (1930’s radio soap operas ect, product placement—product in a movie and in news anchors sitting w/coffee, guerilla (stealth)—directed at ind… marketing and content marketing-Produced by advertiser but made to look like editorial (delisle; produced by an advertiser, usually under advertisers byline-name of journalist  Determined detractors critics of compan
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