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Lecture #3

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Zachary Levinsky

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September 21st 2011
Lecture #3
assignment questions
stats summary
delinquency and drift
important shifts in 'invention' of adolescence
the JDA (Juvenile Delinquents Act 1908)
-Separate Juvenile System
-Intervention or Diversion?
-criticisms [of JDA, of the child savers]
Stats Summary
mainly non-serious, property crimes
-violent crime =22% of all cases
most 'violent' crimes are non-serious
-75% of all assaults, 98% sexual assaults are level 1
-level 2 is with a weapon
-level 3 is aggravated
dealing with small numbers for homicides [n=85 or 0.048% of cases]
-should we draw conclusions from shifts in small numbers?
trends show less emphasis on property crimes
higher proportions of girls brought to court
females not becoming more violent
-males less likely to come before the courts
-only level 1 assaults have increased for females
recidivism - not likely to be serious
victimization remained relatively stable
group nature of crimes
Matza (1964) Delinquency and Drift
majority of teens not delinquent
far from committed to deviant belief systems
techniques of neutralization
-learned deviant justifications not deviant motivations
drift into (and out of) delinquency
members of the "last leisure class" -> having fun, disregard for authority
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