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Abigail Salole

Soc 310 (Youth Justice) Sept 11 , 2013 Lec 1 Broader Context/Representing Youth Crime Broad Trends • The state is becoming smaller, and the focus is on the role of the individual • Governing without government • Before state would preach about providing retirement fund, but not they advocate for the individual to save for their own retirement • Neo-liberal state; people governed in context to their social location • Government mentality: art of governing without a governor Garland (199611110 • High crime as normal social fact • Crime forms part of our daily environment • Despite the fact that crime as unequal social distribution, everyone has expected crime a normal social fact and is no longer consider abnormal and have adapted our daily behaviour in order to accommodate this social fact • Change is official discourse: anyone can be an offender. If given the opportunity to offend, many will take that opportunity • Attention is being shifted to effects of crime (cost, victims, etc) away from causes of crime Official discourse • NYPD (courtesy, professionalism, respect) • Shift in governance • Citizens on Patrol; in which citizens, sometimes alongside police officers, in partnership with the police, in surveillance Brantford Police (ex of Neoliberal state) • “to enhance the quality of life for all citizens and respond to their chainging needs by ensuring and promoting public in partnership with out community” • Key words partnerships, community as they are trying to advocate working with the public Toronto (ex of Neoliberal state) • Are dedicated to delivering police service in partnership with our community… Durham • Total partnership
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