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Lecture #4

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Zachary Levinsky

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September 28th 2011Lecture 4Outlinedecline of rehabilitative idealexplosion of rights discourseKentGaultYOA 1984principlesrevisionscriticismsModels of Juvenile JusticeDiscourses of Young PeopleDecline of the Rehabilitative IdealWelfare state rowed and steeredNeoliberal state steers we rowstate getting out of the business of solving crimeright too lenient slap on wrist not correcting enoughleft not really about rehabilitationMartinsonNothing Works1974experts questioning value of programsclass warfareclass conflictCambridgeSomerville StudyHypothesis rebellious and horrific youth may conceivably be steered away from a delinquent career and toward useful citizenship if a devoted individual outside his own family gives him consistent emotional support friendship and timely guidance McCordmatched case design n253 matched pairsrandomly assigned to the control or experimental conditionsimilar on almost every measurement scalecareful to avoid stigma of the intervention programcounsellor visited the home of the treatment boyon average twice a monthtreatment lasted on average 5 and a half years social eventssports woodworking helped get jobs join community groups tutoringprogram ended in 1945followed the subjects longitudinallyinitial findingsimproved adjustment among treatment groupsbeyond what was predictedcontrol group also did better than anticipated almost at an equal number1948 findingstreatment group had slightly more offences 264 vs 218had been in court more 96 vs 9219751981 McCord et altracked down 98 of the matched pairs23 of those in treatment had said the program was helpful and made them welladjusted citizens150 pairs treatment had no measured effect103 with their differences
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