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Lecture #5

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Zachary Levinsky

October 5th 2011Lecture 5Outlinelast week wrapupYCJA RhetoricYCJAkey themes and sectionsBlurring of Boundarieswhy have a seperate justice systemDevelopmental PsychologyDue Process Get Tough and the Superpredatordue process focuses us on the offencemakes us prone to be more retributiveyoung people have more rightsneedy offendercases are handled properlyeasier to crack down on a young offender than a youthrights also imply responsibilitiesaccountabilitiesdetermine responsibility for the offence implied rationalitychoicefree will part of some coin as superpredatoryoung offenders commit crime because out of own free willyoung people constructed as choosing to commit crimeespecially when considering serious crimes such as murderdifferent than welfarist constructionneedy person who needs proper guidanceBritain Case StudyDepartment of Justice1999new adult sentences youth 14 overexpand offences include serious violent offencesCrown greater discretion in adult sentencesspecial sentence for violent offenderspermit tougher penalties for adults watching over youth denied bailall shows more punitive lawsat the bottomallow for and encourage the use of a full range of communitybased sentences and effective alternatives to the justice system for youth who commit nonviolent offencesthis contains two large parts of the actuse of extrajudicial measures anddirection on sentencingKey Themes of the YCJA April 1 2003 p92 in textaccountabilityproportionalitybifurcationdiscretioncommunity participationrole of victimsmore prominentexplicit rolespecial needs of aboriginalsExtrajudicial measuresprocessing outside of the formal court
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