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Lecture #6

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Zachary Levinsky

thOctober 26 2011Lecture 6nd2 AssignmentBook Reviewnot summarizing the bookscritically evaluating itHagan JMcCarthy B 1997 Mean streets Youth crime and homelessnessGroupslooked like gangs were out of controlbut as Reiss indicates refer to quote gang is something territorially organizedwe think of highly structured groups normal course of youthful offendingwe know that they tend to offend in groups may not be in a gang but we talk about them as if they areexplosion of discussion on gangs but didnt define gangDefining a Ganga group of three or more that spends a lot of time in public spaces has existed for a minimum of three months has engaged in delinquent activities in the past 12 months and has at least one structural feature ex a name leader coderules Sharpseems more looser more structurenot just a bunch of people hanging out in the parkneed to have one structural featureAnother take at defining a ganggroup of young people a gang if they identify their group asthese definitions seem to be looseDo we let young people define themselvesoEsbensen et al 2001N 5 935 grade 8 students in 42 schools and 315 classrooms17 report ever being in a gang9 report currently being in a gang8 report being in a gang that does delinquent thing5 report being in organized gangs leaders symbols and initiation rights2 define themselves as being core members of organized gangshow do you assess the number of gangs Tanner and Wortley study 20023000 high school students11 indiciated that they were current or former gang membersmost gang behavior is ordinary youth behavior39 of them sold drugs56 said they used drugsalcohol395 engaged in property crime642 said they played sports together
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