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Paula Maurutto

Redefining Policing: Privatization and Private Security  Policing  Distinction b/n policing and police  Defnt of police  Growth of private sec  Networks of private and public policing  Privacy issues  Equality and accountability What is relationship b/w public and private policing -police include rcmp, Edmonton police ect-created by gov’t defined by authority and power -engage in activities and policing Growing concern of” language”-“the police”, when focusing on policing it is different takes in wider ranges and focuses on task rather than institution ex private security engage in activity similar to police. -increasingly difficult to see diff b/w public and private policing, private policing and police is overlapping, ex mall security guards; engage in surveillance, conduct searches. Previcously done by police only Police are hired by private –both grps engage in activities that were previously were restricted to to other grps What are some of the conflicts that have emerged b/w citizens’ rights and the expansion of private security companies. defnt of policing -activities of any individual or org acting legally on behalf of public or private org or persons maintain sec or soc order while empowered by either public private contract regulations or policies, written or verbal -can have both public police and private sec engaging in investigation, sec surveillance, property protection ect there is overlap in functions of policing -this defnt encompasses b broad range of tasks undertaken by both private and public sec companies] engage in sophisticated technologies that are sold, biologic tech sold globally developed by rcmp. Biometric scanning introduced by casinos private sec. sold globally and various policing org Growth of private sec- last 40-30 yrs private policing org have grown in # and private sec officers have increased and police officers have decreased!!!private sec is billion dolar industry 2/3 done by private contract In Canada most jails contracted out to run jail to an agency Variations globally with policing Growth in # of range of activities that private sec are involved in, commercial complexes ect More and more private agents are handling investigations such as insurance fraud Networks of private and public policing Privatization vs blurring the boundaries The state is not drawing the line b/w private and public policing, no longer distinguish if public or private policing In some instance private sec fund public police investigations, increasing trends that private police hire public police for event sec West Edmonton Mallemploys 50-70 private sec officers, avg 60,000 ppl visiting mall on wknd 200,000.the private sec company responds to approx. 40,000 calls, Private sec increasing looking like and acting like public police Creates concern on citizens-cars look like public police ect, the private police keep data on supsects ect go beyond what public police do Mixed funding private sec able to get prov funds to pay for extra surveillance Use of pd duty officers blurring of boundaries, in many municipalities sports bars and companies pay to have officers at certain events, laws make private companies pay public officers for events, standard # of police officers u need to have. Ex elemtary school wants a dance. They require one officer in attendance. In Ottawa corell centre nhl game nee
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