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University of Toronto Mississauga
Paula Maurutto

REDEFINING POLICING: PRIVATIZATION AND PRIVATE SECURITY March 8, 2013 Policing • Distinction between police & policing- policing done by public and private sector • Definition of policing • The Growth of Private Security • Networks of Private and Public policing- i.e. pay duty officers (blurring of boundaries between public police and private security) [i.e. public police for events to ensure security] • May be a cap on maximum number of hours that public police can work for private institutions • The Power to arrest and search- laws around this changes quickly so that if you see a crime being committed, but that person runs away, you can arrest them the next day (as opposed to exactly in the moment you see the crime being committed) • Technically private security officers have same powers the rest of us do (power of arrest) ; actually have to see a crime being committed in order to arrest • Public officers may arrest on reasonable/probable ground that an offence will be/has been committed • Privacy Issues-rise in public/private surveillance raised questions of security • Private security firms more likely to conduct intrusive surveillance (people think they have the same powers as public police force) • Difficult to differentiate between public/private services so public allow certain things under disbelief that legally private officers don’t have authority to (private security officers not allowed in your private space) • Public security have strict rules on what information they can collect, how they can collect it and also when they can release those records; private security not bound by the same rules • Public police use databases of private security companies to gain information • Equality & Accountability- public police have to provide equality of service to everyone (access to public police) as opposed to private police who operate on behalf of their employers • Accountability- actions of public police as an individual and as an institution are subject to review; accountable on many levels to the public • Politically accountable because chief of police is elected by the mayor in most cases • Public complaint boards- where you can lodge your complaint against public police officer; the police themselves also have a complaint process where you can directly go to complaint • Charter doesn’t apply to private policing thus they are not subject to the same rules/regulations as public police; Charter is a form of law between the state and individuals • Regulation of Security Personnel – mandatory training for security guards • Training- public police officers go through extensive training (constant training and updating) • Minimum standards of training required What is the relation between public and private policing?  All security provided by state in the past but this is no longer true  Range of private security organizations, forensic accountants, in-house securities What are some of the conflicts that have emerged between citizen’s rights and the expansion of private security companies? Definition of Policing • Defn: activities of any individual or organization acting legally on behalf of public or private organizations or persons to maintain security or social order while empowered by either public or private contract, regulations or policies, written or verbal. • State still remains significant in delivering policing but not the only institution • Private security companies growing; number of people employed outnumber people in public policing • Criminological literature changing way of talking about policing; acknowledges that policing ca
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