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Soc 316 Nov 8 th Essay • Introduction; say what you are going to do in paper, identify the two concepts you are relating it to • Describe program; objectives, etc. • Strengths and limits • Apply 2 concepts to that program; surveillance, community, risk, community policing (first half course) • Can use headings • Programs: anger-management, anti-bullying (how they relate to crime prevention programs, how they address crime-prevention initiation, and how effective they are) • Weakness: funding problems, only addresses on complex factor, • Citation is key • Never see “I think” (not your opinion) but article claims this… • Use websites to provide information on program, but use broader articles to analyze it Community Policing • Associated penal welfare • Emerged in 1950-1960, but has changed over time • Initially was cast in a welfare model (relationship between police and social agencies was characterized by welfare model) • Social worker would deal with the victim, and the police would deal with the offender • This form still continues to function today, in a top-down model (police officer roaming the streets and doing their jobs) • 1980-change as rise of getting tough approached to policing (and takes increasingly top- down approach) o Off foot police and in cars (so become invisible) o Rise in distrust in police, racial tension o 1990s-challenge of legitimacy and credibility (due to various race riots in the States) o Radio response, seen as move away from daily lives of individuals o Only called when incidents were happening o Became concern with the general hostile of the police (widening gap between police and community) o Far too influenced by military personalities/structures and command-control management (given order to follow, little leeway ) Crime Prevention Models • Crime prevention through social development • Situation crime prevention • Crime prevention through Law Enforcement Community policing definition • Develops the idea of partnership between policing and community • New managem
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