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Zachary Levinsky

What is community? - Spatial - Sociological - They assume that the loss of the cohesive neighbourhood contributed to this disorder - Sociological concept of community forms biasis of a distinct CP philosophy  Death of the social – N.rose - The integration intp a cpmmunity is premised on socialization:  Norms and Values  Reinforcement of authority – need to reinforce these authority figures that exist.  Individual and collective consciousness – you hear about talks of good prevention programs will foster these thoughts. 2 models of community crime prevention 1. Community mobilization model – mobilizing community members.  To reduce the opportunity for crime by fostering these networks. By developoing neibourhoods, by organizing residents.  Keep an eye out for suspicious things.  Assumes collective, active and caring neighbourhood will promote informal social control.  Hence contribute to the prevention of crime and disorder. Ie. Neighbourhood watch  Designed for people to be viligent and be concerned about the community. 2. Community development model- developing the community .  Focuses on more physical/ socioeconomic factors and developing a neigh bourhoos or at risk groups. Those who need resources.  Root causes of crime  Main differences – CM more situational – focus reduce criminal opportunity  CD addresses the causes and contributors of crime at the local level.  Also rely on social insitutions such asfamilies and schools. Crime prevention is 1. Community Based Approach  Private citizens play a major role in maintaining order.  Encourage residents to be responsible and proactive for own safety and security  Community itself is the focal point. Address the problems by going to specific communities than need help. Community needs to identify and re
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