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Crime prevention through social development - Proactive - Conditions of and risk factors of crime - Social and economic links to crime- look at the root causes of crime. Societal and communal intervention.  Different programs or institutions part of this programs, ie schools, public housing  Diverse range of programs that are involved but aren’t explicitly saying they are preventing crime. - Creating bonds in society . - One of the running themes is alienation. Leads to usually violent crime because they do feel they are not apart of the community. \ The roots of young violence - The young people are already a marginalized group. For ex. Not more than 3 in a convenience store - The Ontario govt has no specific strategy for curing this. Roots of the immediate risk factors 1. Poverty is a risk factor. Whatever they are identifying as a risk factor doesn’t produce violent crime. Just because its correlated doesn’t mean it causes violent crime - Relative deprivation: how worse of do you feel against other people. - Exclusion from the minimal conditions of living leads to alienation - Youth see selves as victims of uncaring society - Belief they habe no stake or future. Concentration of poverty - Ghettoization  Poor forced to live in functionally segregated parts of city - Problem areas  Unitegrated communities  High levels of poverty
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