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Gated communities Test 2 weeks office hours MondayWednesday before test Border of public and private in constant flux since 1980s gated communities become popular across the globe Emegering in areas where there is not significant crime rates but its also to seal off neighbourhoods in cities (only way to live in a city) Early gated communities were restricted to super richor retired ppl but since 1980s largest growth has been for middle and upper middle class Brazil sao Paulo has most concentrated rate of gated communities which relates to their crime rate Divided into three types 1. Luxury or elite communities to distinguish prestige or place among social ladder, for rich upper class to differentiate yourself from population 2. Retirement or lifestyle communities golf and leisure 3. Security zones for middle class literature refers to this type, both urban and suburban settings - In urban settings barricades and gates - Suburban is fastest growing closed streets, gated complex with barricades for streets Security in gated community feel security measures in place that enhance it access control only certain ppl allowed in or out -justification for living in community feel safer perceived to address their fear of crime *CCTV, guards gates etc But evidence shows it doesnt offer much protection like pety theft crimes by teenagers who are just as likely to live in these communities (living within) and domestic violence Presumption that the offender lives outside but often offenders live inside community too depending on the crime you are looking at Critques of gated communities issues related to safety (see above) - Demands for preferential treatment See themselves as being taxed twice (normal tax and homeowners association fees) you pay for extra security communities are revolting on rebates on property taxes quite prominent running for politics in order to get taxes reduced. Reducing taxes what about those other ppl? Creates differential lvl of treatment
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