SOC316H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Ethnocentrism

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Published on 26 Feb 2015
-poverty does not directly cause violent crime
-relative depravation:
-Exclusion from minimum conditions of normal living leads to aliantion
-youth don’t see a future/sake in society
Concentration of Poverty
-poor forced to live in functionally segregated parts of cities
-certain areas have cheaper rent which targets certain class background
Problem Areas:
-Unintegrated communities
-high levels of poverty
-transient poverty- no one wants to stay there, they want to get out as soon as possible
-Still have strong community networks and relation
-unintegrated communities still have strong networks
-needs support through economic integration
-people purchasing large amounts of land and houses to push off the poor community
that’s living there
1-Circumstances of Poverty
-services and not locally available or inaccessible
-things we take for granted,
-Poor in economically integrated communities face same deprivation:
-Can’t afford user fees, very few community services that are free
-its not the people in those neighborhoods that need those services but it is the middle
class that travels to use them
-Face cultural barriers
-or lack the time to services
-poor people don’t have the time or the resources to make use of community programs
-The racialization of poverty
-racism when combined with poverty the “greatest connections to the issues faced by the
-Most structures to confront racism no longer exist (i.e Special Committees
-Racism central conditions which can produce immediate risk for violence
-Race has nothing to do with violence
3-Impact of Community Design
Isolation and exclusion
-Creating Urban Islands
-for example Mississauga, the city are separated in islands, there is lack of transportation
which doesn’t allow people to leave there around
i.e. Toronto- something from a documentary
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