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Welfare to Crime Control

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Paula Maurutto

SOC316 Jan 9 th Welfare to Crime Control Foucault and Questions of Method - the how questions - problematization - de-centring the subject - history of the present De-centre the Subject - Garland p.158 “that is not to say that the media has produced our interest in crime, or that it has produced the popular punitiveness that appears as such a strong political current today…my point is rather that the mass media has tapped into, then dramatized and reinforced a new public experience – an experience with profound psychological resonance” History of the Present - style of investigation that is more modest than that adopted by sociological philosophers of history - attention to the humble, the mundane, the little shifts in our ways of thinking and understanding - the small and contingent struggles, tensions and negotiations that give rise to something new and unexpected - can learn more from the minor and everyday texts and practises o the technical and operational level - compared to what usually captivates historians and philosophers of history  the grand thinkers - often in our history, events, however major their ramifications, occurs at the level of the molecular, the minor, the little and the mundane o adapted from Rose 1999 Governmentality – The ‘conduct of the conduct’ - with government it is a question of not imposing law on men, but of disposing things: that is to say, of employing tactics rather than laws, and even of using laws themselves as tactics – to arrange things in such a way that, through a certain number of means, such and such ends may be achieved…” (Foucault, Governmentality Lecture, 95) Governing Beyond State - “But the dream or nightmare of a society programmed colonized or dominated by “the cold monster” of the State is profoundly limiting as a way of rendering intelligible the way we are governed today” (Rose) - Big Brother metaphor restricting - Disneyland o not just the state involved in conducting conduct o embedded and consensual nature of governing - diverse sites – library to Disneyland to the state – but start to see shifts in underlying logic Characteristics of Welfarism - characterized by correctionalism and an emphasis on treatment and rehabilitation - a reaction against corporal punishment - focused on disciplining and reforming offenders in order to reintegrate them into society Welfarism: A Particular ‘Governmentality’ - “Welfarism [was] not so much a process in which a central state extended its tentacles throughout society, but the invention of various ‘rules for rule’ that sough to transform the State into a center the could programme – shape, guide, channel, direct, control – events and persons distant from it. Persons and activities were to governed through society, that is to say, through acting upon them in relation to a social norm, and constituting their experiences and evaluations in a social form.” (Rose, 40) - expert knowledge - fluoride in the water Garland on the Shift 1. new experience of crime 2. professional middle class 3. declining role of the social expert 4. increased salience of crime Characterization of Shift from “penal welfarism” to “crime control” - risk society (Ulrick Beck and Richard Ericson) - acturial justice (Malcolm Feeley and Johnathan Simon) - post-keynesian state (Pay O’Malley) - culture of control and new criminology of everyday life (David Garland) - post-modern penality - advanced liberalism (Nikolas Rose) Main Characteristics of Penal Control - characterized by correctional and an emphasis on treatment and rehabilitation - a reaction against corporal punishment - focused on disciplining and reforming offenders in order to reintegrate them into society Characteristics of Crime Control - increased use of prison - rise of victim’s rights - infrastructure of prevention Assumed problems with Traditional Criminal Justice Approaches - have been unable to cope with the actual quantity of crime - fail to identify many
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