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SOC316H5 Lecture Notes - Nikolas Rose, Welfarism, Sough

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Paula Maurutto

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Jan 9th
Welfare to Crime Control
Foucault and Questions of Method
-the how questions
-de-centring the subject
-history of the present
De-centre the Subject
-Garland p.158 “that is not to say that the media has produced our interest in crime, or
that it has produced the popular punitiveness that appears as such a strong political
current today…my point is rather that the mass media has tapped into, then dramatized
and reinforced a new public experience – an experience with profound psychological
History of the Present
-style of investigation that is more modest than that adopted by sociological philosophers
of history
-attention to the humble, the mundane, the little shifts in our ways of thinking and
-the small and contingent struggles, tensions and negotiations that give rise to something
new and unexpected
-can learn more from the minor and everyday texts and practises
othe technical and operational level
-compared to what usually captivates historians and philosophers of history the grand
-often in our history, events, however major their ramifications, occurs at the level of the
molecular, the minor, the little and the mundane
oadapted from Rose 1999
Governmentality – The ‘conduct of the conduct’
-with government it is a question of not imposing law on men, but of disposing things:
that is to say, of employing tactics rather than laws, and even of using laws themselves
as tactics – to arrange things in such a way that, through a certain number of means,
such and such ends may be achieved…” (Foucault, Governmentality Lecture, 95)
Governing Beyond State
-“But the dream or nightmare of a society programmed colonized or dominated by “the
cold monster” of the State is profoundly limiting as a way of rendering intelligible the way
we are governed today” (Rose)
-Big Brother metaphor restricting
onot just the state involved in conducting conduct
oembedded and consensual nature of governing
-diverse sites – library to Disneyland to the state – but start to see shifts in underlying
Characteristics of Welfarism
-characterized by correctionalism and an emphasis on treatment and rehabilitation
-a reaction against corporal punishment
-focused on disciplining and reforming offenders in order to reintegrate them into society
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