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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Zachary Levinsky

SOC323-LAW AND SOCIETY Lecture 7: 3/3/2014 Patricia Williams Reading -shopping around, introduced to a bunch a stores and you have to buzz in to enter store, and owners get to profile you if they want you in the store. The store clerk didn’t let her in, saying it was closed, however ppl were still shopping inside. She told her story, and they changed it around in the newspaper, not letting her fully articulate herself -broken-window policing=buzzer policy -happened in New York -the buzzer is a neutral everyday device that is used in this case negative -buzzer acts like a class struggle -in the article, she explains how black ppl can’t find jobs, but its not deemed racism bc its done with a handshake and a smile -it’s another neutral thing -the person who writes the article will have greater influence than Patricia Williams herself -like “doing history” -if you read this later on, you may believe what the article says -oral vs. written historywhat gets recolonized -don’t make this personal, as if somehow this being less personal is better scholarship -death of the profane(profane meaning everyday, the imminent)-patricia is trying to bring the everyday but the everyday doesn’t matter or is less emphasized -is there a bit of the death of the profane in Awkasi’s lecture? -the death of the profane, allows for racism to flourishbecause we ignore the everyday -scott and patricia has similar narratives, but scott has charts and correlational scores -how can the law be rendered scientific? What is law and society? -30’srealest legal movement -40-50’slaw becomes highly professionalized -60’sfeminist and civil rights movements (how is the law part of these injustices?) -law is constantly changing therefore cant really pin down what law and society is or does -law and society constitute each other -the law influence’s identity and how we interact with ppl and think about ourselves -law is constituted by social relationships: values, cultural change etc. -how do problems become legal problems Sarat Reading • law is all over -legal enactments occur everyday -how do everyday ppl experience the l
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