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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Zachary Levinsky

SOC323-Law and Society LECTURE 2: 1/13/14 Outline -what does it mean to “do history”? -Edward Said—“orientalism” -Loo—“the Road from Bute Inlet” -The OTHER -Savage vs. non-savage -The Criminal Code -Canada vs. United States -Canada: Raceless Nation? History as a Methodology to explore law and society relationship a) historiography: how history is written -look at it with a critical eye and how is it done -what evidence is privileged -what does Loo use as evidence? -written documents and a comprehensive look at documents from that time -phrenology: looking at the skulls of ppl -primary sources: diaries, newspaper articles, journals -looking at big singular interesting cases were odd things happensused to extract meaning: such as colonial meaning or colonial identity -reliant on recorded work instead of word of mouth since they will be deceased -** not telling a story on what exactly happened—use evidence in diff things -in the recommended reading -2 competing views: how does historian decide which to follow? -negotiate between them or understand that evidence shouldn’t be taken for granted and don’t take it as face value -history is a discourse about but fundamentally different from the past -history is more of a story not so argumentative -what theoretical constructs is the author coming from? -usually buried in the footnotes—usually explains what they are trying to argue b) History as a ‘story’ -Loo’s main argument: colonial identitytells us
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