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Symbolic Instrument of Agenda Manipulation

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Zachary Levinsky

SOC323 Oct 17 th Symbolic Instrument of Agenda Manipulation - inquiry reports are, of course, merely one means by which the state seeks „constant renewal of hegemonic domination - public inquiries are „one practise amongst many in the process of reproducing specific ideological social relations‟ - “through which legitimacy crises are repaired” - Canadian Association of Elizabeth Frye Societies - Women prisoners face discrimination on the basis of sex - Especially those housed in segregated maximum security in men‟s prisons - Also discrimination on the basis: o of race (Aboriginal and other racialized women) o of disability (women with cognitive and mental disabilities) CHRC and Auditor General Report - the CHRC in particular indicated that “women tend to experience segregation as rejection, abandonment, invisibility and a denial of their existence. Segregation does not further women‟s rehabilitation and it often jeopardizes a woman‟s safety and mental health by exacerbating her distress.” - The devastation caused by segregation was made poignantly real by a federally sentenced woman who made a submission to the Commission: o “this (segregation) has affected me greatly as now I see or perceive myself to (sic) being a monster and rejected” Our Argument - penal organizations responses to inquiries reflect what Power calls „secondary risk management‟ (or reputational risk) - prisoner‟s rights and violations of the „rule of law‟ are reframed as risks to be managed - abuses will persist because of the normalization of deviance that is inherent to penal cultures - penal organizations manage themselves in this context: o by turning themselves inside out o becoming more transparent while remaining non-compliant o blaming the individual o posting audits on websites  Hannah-Moffat and Levinsky The Risk Management (RM) of everything - the rise of a managerial concept of RM and the dif
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