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Nicole Myers

Lecture 1- September 13, 2012 What is law and society?  Examining law in the broader social context  Implications of law  How is law experienced by people? How is that experience shifted or manifested in different ways depending on the person? Where is the law?  Law is everywhere- governs all things we do; what we think is right vs. wrong  Shapes our worldview-Impacts ways in which we understand our experiences What is the sociology of law?  Law as a set of social practices **law is a social process**  interaction of law, legal institutions, legal behaviour  Development of legal institutions, social control, regulation of behaviour, social construction (laws made/interpreted by humans), and social change  Social context – law changes over time; affected by factors such as political and economic as well Core questions  What is the role of law in society?  How do legal processes both influence and are shaped by social, political and economic relations?  What are the links between culture of rights and regulation of morality?  How do different theoretical frameworks … What is a sociological approach to study of law? Law is:  Complex social process  Historically, culturally, contextually and socially specific o Historically specific:  Example: prohibition; poster of mother wanting to keep her son “pure” by voting against sale of liquors (1920s); society thought alcohol consumption was the root of social problems (poverty, divorce, abuse)  Example: reefer madness- message that smoking marijuana will make you crazy  Conflicting messages about status of marijuana in Canada (i.e. TNC in Queen’s Park)  Example: Abortion- Supreme Court removed abortion from charter in 1988  Example: Gay marriages; interracial marriages illegal in the past (to keep races pure)  2005- Canada became fourth country in the world to legalize same sex marriage o Culturally specific:  Competing interpretations of law  Diverse interpretations and definitions of legal behaviour  Canadian variation:
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