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Gregory Bird

SOC341H5F Sept12, 2011. Need to read GLOBAL CITY! LEC1. The relationshiop between econ, soc and pol which include immigration and gloral city, she is one of the biggest thinker in gloralication , mind crac, urban city and transnational. This course is forced to mindxxx. She provide the excellent background , 1 global city, and 2 mobality xxx book are the most 2 famous book that she wrote. She wrote DFI, there is a direct link to the glorbal south and the global north. (DFI-> GS= out migration) ppl takes thing move from south to north is the big company from global south open one in north, it makes southern ppl wanna move to the the north, since there are bonds and links. They set up the zone so they can make things up cheap, which can let things to access cheap there. Econ ppl said its good because it makes the econ good and going well. They are the countries that owns the power and have put a lot of effort so that ppl from the working area would like to move to there. There are creating the job fields so there are more jobs out there and also have the high living standard. It destroy the local traditional, and it changes the gender labour , since its usually the women who work in the factory. And also the woman would not wanna go back to the farm since factory is better. In some cities, they would not want ppl to work too long, cos they would form a union which can creat a power to against the company, and thus , when they are fired, they would wanna move to where the company from. Since it’s the place that provide the good benefits to them. Directly form of investment: candain company directly investing a form in a poor country. Even its transn
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