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University of Toronto Mississauga
Cynthia Cranford

SOC341 Tuesday, January 15, 2013 What is precarious employment? Vosko’s main arguments/claims 1. Conceptualizing precarious employment -multidimensional phenomenon linked to employment restructuring 2. The dynamics of precarious employment -continuity through change 3. Studying and limiting precarious employment -beyond the labour force -beyond economics, its political, sociological, etc. Conceptualizing Precarious employment -multidimensional phenomenon linked to employment restructuring Subclaim #1: - unhealthy, insecure work with few benefits or entitlements and low pay -restructuring: flexibility, at the industrial and the firm level, at a break with the past, you change the structure, a break at the post world war 2 period, there was not flexibility before that -this restructuring point Vosko says is about global competition, china and india, etc. -late 19th century to the mid 20th -widespread and linked with immigration -ex. seasonal and agricultural work -ex.use of immigrant labour to construct the railway -ex. women and domestic workers -labour market intermediaries -1940’s to the early 1970’s -hiring women in part time, seasonal, temporary, because their primary focus was on the family -standard employment relationship (SER) -relationship with single employer -continuous -usually work on employers premises -under the direct supervision of that employer -normative part: -came to be associated with certain outcomes: benefits, statuatory, insurance, full time, permanent -more difficult to organize into unions -industrial unionism -based on single work side, single employer -focus on organizing skill and unskilled workers in same union -closed connection with the SER -collective bargaining allows workers to unionize -Gender Contract -inequality in power, privilege, etc. -male-breadwinner/female-homeworker Early 1970’s-today -growth and spread to more groups of workers -growing mismatch for most
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