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Lecture 11

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Baljit Nagra

SOC341-CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN THE SOCIOLOGY OF WORK LECTURE 11: 3/24/14 Test 2: 45% from lecture, 55% from readings -50 M/C -major findings (i.e./. Study found 58% of women experience sexual harassment) -what are some examples of sexual harassment? -sexual remarks/comments -unwanted touching Sexual Harassment -3 distinct dimensions 1. Gender Harassment: behaviors and comments that serve to insult and degrade women a. sexist hostility (misogynistic behaviors that degrade women without explicit sexual content—generally degrading women) (i.e./, women belong in kitchen, women aren’t that smart) b. sexual hostility (explicitly sexual comments, gestures and jokes) (i.e./. Not even comments about you, but comments about women that make you feel uncomfortable) (reading about female police officer and her office being to close to men’s locker room) 2. Unwanted Sexual Attention: includes unwanted touching, stroking or repeated requests for dates or sexual interactions 3. Sexual Coercion: refers to unwanted sexual attention with direct or implied bribes or threats to ones work or job. These forms of sexual harassment can occur in varying degrees of severity. (reading about police officer whose male co-worker would call her house to have casual conversations) -a lot of times, sexual harassment is hidden in meaning that if you were to say something. Someone can deny it -perpetrators often vague enough to leave their (sexual) remarks open for interpretation -sometimes women do not know they are being sexually harassed Landmark Study (1999) -landmark study by Diane Crocker and Valerie Kalemba (1999) -sample consists of 1990 Canadian women between 18 and 65 years old -56% of Canadian working women experienced sexual harassment the year before survey -77% over total lifetime -3 most common forms of sexual harassment: starring, jokes or remarks about women in general and jokes about the respondents themselves (61% effected over total lifetime) Health and Consequences -job satisfaction and absenteeism -nervousness, anger, irritability -low self-esteem, stress -worst effects were associated with supervisor sexual harassment, sexual coercion and long term sexual harassment in male dominated settings (power relationship) Why does Sexual Harassment Happen? -person in power and more superior, can get away with it -women’s status in society is inferior -sexual harassment has not been addressed -masculinity has been historically and stereotypically skewed and men act the way they believe they are supposed to -severs being sexually harassed Power -sexual harassment is a tool to maintain a masculine hierarchy that rewards men who possess the requisite masculine traits. Women are in double bind situations controlled by men with a propensity to harass -if they attempt to break traditional gender roles, such as entering male occupations, they may be targeted Minority Women -in most studies, women who are Racialized minorities report higher rates of sexual harassment, ranging from 60% to 85% Why?-most in precarious work with lack of power leaving them more vulnerable to harassment -historically seen and women who won’t speak out, as well as in stereotypes Race -race and gender are linked to sexual harassment because they are key dimensions of social stratifications nc sexual harassment is about power Intersectionality: -holds that sexual organizations such as race, gender , class do not operate independently (Collins, 1990) -instead these aspects of social identity must be consider
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