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Lecture 6

lecture 6

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Lina Samuel

Working in Free Trade Zones of the North and South Gender and Globalization - Export led development policies are responsible for a large increase in FEMALE LED employment - Ability to pay women less - Builds on stereotypes believe that women are a disposable labour force segment - Women make up over 80% of Export Processing Zones in Mecixo, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Philippines etc - Tend to employ men for labour intensive work manual work, heavy lifting, etc - Women tend to be present in the SERVICE SECTOR & GARMENT PRODUCING CENTRE - Subject to MANDATORY OVERTIME, UNHEALHY CONDITIONS, FREQUENT WORK SPEED UPS - Effects on Men and Women Men: able to land better jobs (ie. call centres) MIGRATION OF WORKERS OVERSEAS - For first time in history, capitalism dominates processeson a global scale Gender and Work in Capitalist Economies (Pamela Odih, 2007) - Economic time = time in a 24 hour economy - Modern capitalist accumulation is built on a 24 HOUR ECONOMY of just in time deliversies, compressed down time, round-the-clock retailing, real time customer- facing and instant communication - DEGREDATION, DESKILLING OF WORK Subcontracting: - - LOW VALUE ADDED ACTIVITIES Labour, grunt work, sewing, shoe manufacturing
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