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Lecture 2

SOC345H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Ethnocentrism, Gender Role, Juvenile Delinquency

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Jayne Baker

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Lecture 2: The Basics: The Social Construction of
Wednesday, January 11, 2017
1:21 PM
Retrace history of sex and gender as a binary
Masculinity rooted in the body was the previous belief
Pascoe and Bridges talk about when you look closer at sex, it is complex
Regardless of what body looks like, identity can be masculine or feminine
o Move from binary understanding, to having a gendered identity that is not related to
Carrigan, Connell and Lee
Sex Roles and Sex Role Theory
A stable society is ideal, complimentary = expressive and instrumental
o Expressive role belongs to women, nurturing, expressive, warm, affectionate
o Instrumental role belongs to men, dominant personalities, material tangible
Grounded rationality that extends into other spheres as well
Lack of "power"
Two roles for people: instrumental or expressive
If you do not fit into these categories, you are deviant
o Not fitting within societal expectations for men and women
o Deviance is a reaction to someone violating a norm
o Norms are our cultural guidelines of our behaviour
o Parson's argument is making judgements of what men and women are supposed to
act like ,and those who don't fit into these boxes
o Not just a lack of power, but lack of recognition
o Biased notion of how people should be behaving
o Prescriptive, what it should be
o Homosexuality as a failure
Expectations of roles
Limitations of theory, not critical of role, not presented with alternative way of thinking,
preliminary critique of sex role theory
Sex Role Theory (Parsons)
Male and female binary, two options and a line between them
"Role"- "practices and identities into which people are socialized"
o Basic structural concept
o Structure and agency
o A role is a kind of structure that creates boundaries around own agency
o Structure which constrains behaviour in a particular way
o Socialization is important in Parson's work because it is through socialization that we
learn about the two expressive and instrumental traits, and learn which role we are
supposed to occupy
o For Structural Functionalists: family is important institution
o Socialized into masculinity and femininity
Two roles are limited
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