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Lecture 5

SOC345H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Purgatory, Masculinity, HeteronormativityPremium

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Jayne Baker

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Lecture 5: Adolescence
Wednesday, February 8, 2017
1:16 PM
Kimmel on Adolescence
Useful to pay attention to adolescence, highlighting how any stages in life are subject to
Interesting to look at how different stages change
Adolescence marking transition to adulthood, straight-forward and gendered
o Used to be marked by: puberty, complete high school, move out, get married, find
secure job
o Fairly rare for men to get through all of those stages
Finding a secure job: people end up moving through careers over lifetime
Young men exist in "Guyland"
o Space and place, like a purgatory
o Exited childhood, yet haven't made transition to adulthood, transition is no longer as
o Young men drift into adulthood
o Values and norms
o Homosocial space
o Young middle class white men who occupy
o Misogynistic, violent
o Seem like stereotypes
o Lived experience, not able to tap into adulthood, insecure about this
Marked by privilege, entitlement, and protection
o Sense of superiority that white males have over other males
o Privilege
o Homophobic talk using language to set up boundaries, regardless of sexual identity
o Homosexuality as insult to reinforce hegemonic ideals about masculinity
o Makes a point about this stage in life, feelings of insecurity and vulnerability wasn't
there prior
Problematizing "Guyland" and Guyland
Historically: who accomplished these stages?
o Rooted in white American male experience
o Speaking to one kind of adolescence
o Dependent upon sample
o Does consider how adolescence is deeply gendered
Common Components of Jocks
Heterosexual success
Social life
Pascoe: Teenage boys talk about jocks and gender
Interviewed 20 teen boys from 2 high schools
Masculinity is discursively manipulated so boys maintain or create a sense of se lf as
masculine, even when they are less masculine in the school's hierarchy
Jock Insurance
Ability to express non-masculine traits, background of jock to prove masculinity
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