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Lecture 10

SOC345H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Ingroups And Outgroups, Metrosexual, Sex AssignmentPremium

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Jayne Baker

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Lecture 10: Sexualities and Masculinity
Wednesday, March 22, 2017
1:26 PM
Gender identity: how one thinks about self, not genetic or biological
Gender expression/role: demonstrate gender, actions, clothing, talk, interests,
Sexual orientation and behaviour do not always line up
Homonormativity: one right way to be gay
Sex Gender System
Idea that there is a linear relationship between sex assignment, identity,
expression, orientation
Heteronormativity, supported through social structures
Anything outside, is seen as deviant, criminalized, medicalized
Stratify people, reinforce and create oppression
Seen in institutions- religious, social, legal system overtime
Men as ranked above women in same race and class
As a structure, divides public and private
In Western societies, our social order is organized around this perpetuating
gender, racial, and ethnic inequalities
Doing Gender
Routine accomplishment, subject to assessment
Fail to do appropriately, individual is held responsible
System of social control
Hegemonic Masculinity
Culturally specific
Complicit: Not subordinating women, still get paid more than women at the job
oStill benefitting from it, social institutions frame as being superior
Hegemonic will take things out of other masculinities that it likes
oMetrosexual thing
Be Masc, No Asians
Gay masculinity is complex, two main streams of thought
oMeaning of masc- straight acting but now they say masc
oPut on their profile in conversation, or their name
oIdealized interpretation of hegemonic masculinity
oRugged, muscular, facial hair
oBody language- voice mannerisms
oPersonality and attitudes
Gay man who acts and appears straight, passing as straight guy
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