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Nicholay Shohitov

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Questions for the lecture 2 (May 10 )th Chapter 2. 1. Why did Durkheim take punishment to be a central object of sociological analysis? (p. 23 - 24) 2. How did Durkheimian interpretation of the modern situation differ from that of social conservatives? (p. 24 – 25) 3. Why Durkheimian conception of punishment in its simplest form was not taken seriously? (p. 26 - 27) 4. Why did Durkheim see punishment as a social institution that is first and last a matter of morality and social solidarity? (28 – 30) 5. Why is it that violations of collective sentiments must always result in a punitive response? (p. 30 – 31) 6. How did Durkheim analyse the actual penal practices of various societies? (p. 31 – 32) 7. How did
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