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University of Toronto Mississauga
Nicholay Shohitov

Questions for Chapter 10 1. Please explain how sensibilities may modify punitive practices. (p. 213 – 216). 2. How was used a notion ‘the civilized’in this chapter? (p. 215). 3. What is Norbert Elias’conception of ‘the civilisation process’? (p. 216 – 217). 4. Please describe spheres of personal and social life that were ‘the targets’of transformation process. (p. 217 – 218). 5. Please explain how courts and bourgeois market societies influenced on calculation, self-control and consideration of others. (p. 218). 6. Please describe how psychical transformations were caused by demand ‘to conceal their passions’from others. (p. 220) How is our ability to hide our desires and feelings connected to our sensibilities? 7. Why were social manners very important for the development of sensibilities and empathy? (p. 221 – 222). 8. How did ‘scientific revolution’in 17 – 19 centuries change self-control and personal attitudes? (p. 221 – 222). 9. Please explain how you understand expression ‘privatisation of disturbing events’. (p. 222- 225). Do you think that public execution today in Canada would be very disturbing ‘spectacle’for majority of Canadians? How do you explain the growing popularity of ‘Ultimate Fight Competition’in Canada and the US? 10. What is the difference between Elias’conception of civilisation and ‘Whiggish
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