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Lecture 3

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Reza Barmaki

Frustration-Aggression Theory Frustrated expectations (goals) lead to: o (a) Aggression o (b) Other responses Expectations: o Economic (money) o Social (love, respect, recognition) Political (A) Aggressive results Outward o Real source, imagined source, others (displaced aggression) o Physical, verbal, intimidation o Crimedeviance Inward o Self hate o Suicide (B) Other responses o Self-isolation o Quitting, abandoning o Self-righteousness o Superiority o Hating the world o Etc. www.notesolution.comCriminal Mind Perspective Criminals are psychologically different from others This is before committing any crime Characterized by criminal thought patterns It shows itself in childhood & adolescence The Politics of Science Influenced by conservative politics Reaction to 60s & 70s Helped justify repressive state measures Fast trials, long prison sentences Blame-the-individual policy: diverts attention from social conditions Aimed at controlling the poor and the powerless Abnormal Psychology Studies mental illness (disorders) Mental disorders = persistent abnormal thoughts and behaviour Results in: consistent inability to adapt and function effectively Multiple Causes: Genetics, social conditions, improper socialization Mental illness Crime Onset: adolescence and early adulthood Mental Disorder in Canada 20% Canadians will personally suffer from a mental illness during their lifetime
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