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Reza Barmaki

Interaction Theories: basic assumptions Social interaction: 1. Face-to-face process 2. Goal of the interaction is to communicate 3. Includes different methods of communication (body language, eye contact) 4. Involves norm-bound actions, reactions, and mutual adaptation between individuals 5. Meaning & interpretation is produced through the interactions of individuals Factors effecting interaction and interpretation Power Social class Prestige Culture Sub categories Race Gender Age These factors affect different aspect of interaction Level formality Level of deference Control of interaction Duration Interpretation of action www.notesolution.comG.H. Mead: I and the me - I Subject, agent Me o Who am I? o Others view of individual o Totality of my social roles (student, parent, gender) Social Designations That is your me o Malefemale o Tallshort o Student, sister, brother o Beautifulugly o Nicemean o Etc. Gender role Which one is you? Who told you that? o Society (others) designated you o Everyday you are treated by others as such Interaction (long or short term) with Others Forms the me Your view of yourself You respondact based on that
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