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Lecture 8

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Reza Barmaki

Chicago School Social Disorganization Theory The US: Early 20 century Rapid use of American brand of capitalism o Value system: self-interest at the expense of collectivism Immigration and cultural pluralism Urbanization and value conflict Life in the City Anonymity Decreasing primary relations (direct, informal, face-to-face) Increasing secondary relations (indirect, formal, impersonal) People care less about others Dont want to get involved Less surveillance Chicago Slum 1915 Concentration in certain parts of cities Problems: o Slums o Poverty o Crime Need to understand and control it How to understand and Remedy all this? Ecology Borrowed from natural science (biology) Ecology: Organisms relations with their environment & each other Reflects degree scarcity of resources (food, mate) Results in Competition or cooperation between different species A natural habitat A natural system All parts are connected and have adjusted to each other Equilibrium is maintained between several species These species have adjusted to each other There is a system of predator-prey Keeps numbers of each specie in check What happens if you introduce new specie? Equilibrium is disturbed Other species do not know how to deal with them These are not their natural enemies Either they adjust or equilibrium is destroyed Human Ecology These ideas were applied to cities Immigration: introduction of a new species Disturbed equilibrium (social order) How is social order achieved in such ethnic diversity? Processes involved in creation of a new equilibrium Invasion Segregation Conflict
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