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Lecture 9

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Reza Barmaki

Chapter 8 cont. Cognitive Dissonance Theory Experiencing uncomfortable emotions and feelings o Guilt, anger, frustration, embarrassment Three causes o 1. Holding two contradictory ideas There is a God; There is no God Resolution 1: Eliminating one idea Resolution 2: Abandoning the idea together No concern with God at all o 2. Discrepancy between beliefs and actions A. Changing the practice to match the belief B. Denying the discrepancy in favour of the practice through justifications, rationalization o 3. Conflict between reality and positive beliefs about ones personality (self- concept) A. I am a smart person Reality: Got C on all your tests B. I am a brave person Reality: Ran away at the first sight of trouble C. I am attractive Reality: Mirror says otherwise D. I am a good person E. I am wise o Resolutions: A. Rationalization in favour of the belief Exam was too hard Lectures were unclear TA hates me I wasnt feeling well B. Changing self-concepts to negative ones I am just dumb Social Control Paradigm Why dont majority of people deviate? Why do people conform to social order? Fundamental Assumptions Anyone can commit crime Motives for delinquency are diverse There is no one or few dominant motives Concentrating on motive is useless Emphasis should be on forces that restrain people Push people towards conformity When they are absent, deviance occurs Emphasis on: Family, socialization, internalized beliefs, social ties Edward A. Ross (1866-1951)
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