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Reza Barmaki

Correctional System Corrections: What is it? A. Corrections as a subsystem of the criminal justice system Correctional institutions Courts The police Jails The public B. Corrections as a philosophy for responding to criminal offenders - Should we have death penalty? - Should we put children in jail? C. Corrections as a range of programs and services delivered in community settings - Probation - Conditional sentence - Conditional release Corrections: Who is involved? All people involved in: Sanctioning Supervising Providing services to convicted offenders (A) Carceral o People that are inside institutions: Offenders Sentencing judges Superintendents Wardens Correctional officers Program staff & treatment professionals Volunteers Offenders family (B) Non-carceral o People outside correctional institutions: Sentencing judges Probation officers Probationers Staff (of nonprofit organizations Etc. The Legislative Framework of Corrections Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982) o defines rights and freedoms Constitution Act (1867) o Responsibilities of federal and provincial governments and their jurisdictions Federal government: enacting criminal laws and establishing procedures to be followed in criminal cases Provincial government: establish necessary structures for the administration of justice
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