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SOC349 - Reading on "What is Food Studies" Lecture on Food as Fetish, Food as Totem.docx

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Michelle Szabo

SOC349 – Lecture – January 18 2013 Why Study Food and Why? Why have scholars ignored food in the past? Scholars have not ignored the production aspect of food (production associated with economy generally masculine), BUT have historically ignored consumption research (consumption associated with the home, which is generally feminine). There was an idea that women’s work was not important enough to be in scholarly work, but there has been a developmental understanding to study both together.  Mind – Body Dualism concept consisted of scholars believing that the mind is separate from the body where scholars only focused on the thinking mind, rationale etc. and excluded the body because it was or may still be considered by scholars as a non-thinking body.  In the past, eating was considered to be too basic, too primitive and in order for us to distance ourselves from the incivility of eating, society created eating manners and rituals (to make eating more civilized) What makes food sociologically interesting? - You are what you eat…it tells us about class/ethnicity etc. - It indicates our relationship with nature - Social pathologies and problems (associations with Hamburgers) How do we study food?  With different fields of study that can be interdisciplinary serving to understand influences as to why people eat certain foods.  Emotion (Psychology)  Media (Marketing/Communication)  Hormone imbalance (Biology)  Money (affording not affording) (
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