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Michelle Szabo

st Some Themes in Canadian Hunger & Diets. February 1 , 2013 Mono-Crops: Livestock Feed & Ingredients in Processed Foods Manning: Mono-Crops when we take acres of lands and plant a single thing, east is potatoes, west usually west, states is corn similar. When we use acres of a single crop, it puts a bull eyes for the bugs that like that specific plants, so we have to use likes of pesticides. Using a land to grow a single plant that isn’t usually used to growing it, must use a lot of fertizilers. 80% of grain grown in USA is diverted to livestock, begins cheaper to feed the livestock. If you raise the speed, the meat is cheaper, takes last time, since 1960s to today suddle increase in amount of meat available pur consumption per person per day. 5 extra pounds per person a year. Manning also says if you skip eating meat, you eat a monocrop derivited, 20% of other food is the result of monocrops. Hunger: Most Canadians don’t grow the food we eat, we need to buy the food, amount of money and cost of food effects the choices we make. Canadians working longer hours, save time by purchasing ready made foods, restaurant foods, premade takeaway, fast food etc. dietary impact in those lowest income group have the fewest amount of choices. As we earn more, less of our budget is devoted to food purposes. As we move from lowest to middle income the amount spend of food doubles. Hidden Hunger: 2 elements: A) in a country like Canada, wealthy and with such high rates of over weight and obesity, we think people wouldn’t suffer for hunger, we don’t tend to see hunger in a wealthy country B) macronutrients vs. micronutrients. Tended to look at nutrition in carbs, fats, protein, hidden hunger: is people getting enough vitamins and nutrients, obesity can be poor idicators of hunger because those can load on particular types of foods, but not getting enough to micronutrients(vitamins) Geography, Politics & Diets. Food more north is more expensive, transportation. Urban Forgining: fregan, freganisim is a movement that they can take food that has been discarded and they can eat it, this way they challenge the food system fundamentally because they don’t support it with their dollars. Homeless and Hungry Food Security/Insecurity: amount, nutritions, dietary needs. Access, Pleasure, culturally appropriate, dietary restrictions and needs. Food safety: ref
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