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SOC349 Readings on "Morality and Health" according to media and "Political Economy and Obesity" .docx

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Michelle Szabo

**Keep in mind HOW THE FOOD SYSTEM PROMOTES FATNESS/THINESS SOC349 – Readings – March 22, 2013 Morality and Health: News Media Constructions of Overweight and Eating Disorders By Saguy & Gruys Eating disorders & overweight are linked to class, race and gender. In the United States, thinness is associated with high social status and taken as evidence of moral virtue. In contrast, fatness is linked to low status and seen as a sign of sloth and gluttony. The media predominantly attribute overweight to bad individual choices and tend to treat binge eating disorder as ordinary and blameworthy overeating. In that the poor and minorities are more likely to be heavy (why are they heavy? --> Because of food deserts and lack of healthy food choices – relate to last weeks lecture), such reporting reinforces social stereotypes of fat people, ethnic minorities, and the poor as out of control and lazy. Case study: White girl that comes from affluent nuclear family gets anorexia while black boy that comes from a single parent family is obese where the body weight is indicative of social status (234). Wealthier white people—especially women—tend to be thinner than poorer people of color. This is, in part, because having a thin and toned body is expensive in contemporary Western contexts, where fresh fruits and vegetables are more expensive than higher calorie processed foods and where physical activity requires leisure time (235) Historically when there were food shortages being fat/plump signified wealth where being thin signified illness and being of a lower social class. BUT as the agricultural & industrial revolution reduced food shortages fatness was no longer a sign of wealth and as the poor got fatter the connotations behind body size flipped. Mass Media  news (where he examines articles) media treats anorexics as victims of a terrible illness beyond their and their parents’ control, while obesity is caused by bad individual behavior, including, in the case of children, parental neglect. (2010:233) News reports frame overweight/obesity and eating disorders in particular ways by drawing attention to some aspects of these issues while obscuring others (i.e. ignoring white anorexics – which was is evident since in both
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