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week2 lecture notes

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1 SOC 361 ORGS & IR Session #2 ORGANIZATION CULTURE Culture Social Culture Components of Culture Org Culture History Jargon Bureaucratic Official vs. Real Org Culture Issues Hofstedes Dimensions of Culture Sources of Org Culture Consequences of Org Culture Org Culture and Mergers Culture and Structure Savanna Baboons! TEST: 20MC, 3 Short answers 40 mins Prepare: text for backgroundbasic info, lectures for additional topics, shed light on, expand, give diff perspective Readings: T&H ch. 3 Supplementary Reading: Trice and Beyer. 1993. The Cultures of Work Organizations. Good material if youre interested in this topic Very useful if you choose the research paper option Schick article (Globe & Mail) posted on web site QOW: effects of technology does it put ppl that design tech in a higher positionpowerstatus bc of their skill? eg. engineers Yes they are in higher status when tech first came out after sales and marketing bcm more important 1980-90s with globalization ppl in finances eg. Chief financial officer have the power currently Climate change now happening may result in shift in power in future to food & survival CULTURE 2 Look at org structure for whats going on and wrong Why cant org always adopt the best structure? What keeps org in inefficient structure? Culture: high culture eg. ballet, pop culture eg. movies, magazines, culture as sociological term is defined as social culture SOCIAL CULTURE Every social entity has a social culture and structure Social entity: A grouping of individuals eg. grouping of regions, 1. There is some social interaction among members of the entity 2. Members have some awareness of belonging to the entity Has boundaries know if youre in or out Membership in religion sometimes boundaries are blurred Ppl with blue eyes dont think they belong to a group of ppl with blue eyes = not social entity Classroom is bc have boundaries, know u belong
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