notes for lecture 1 (short lecture)

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7 Jan 2011

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SOC365 Lecture 1 Jan 6, 2011
Think about article from XTRA: Restroom our complicated relationship with the john in
relation to 6 course objectives:
1.Understand how gender diff are socially constructed, historically,
2.Develop a practical understanding of how gender structures our daily lives and
organizes social institutions
3.To learn an intersectional approach to gender analysis by developing strategies for
understanding gendered power as interlocking with other dominant social
hierarchies (esp. Race, class, citizenship, sexuality, nation)
4.To use course concepts to understand our everyday/night experiences of gender
5.To develop a critical understanding of the role of social movements and collective
action in struggles for gender equality and transformation of power relations
6.To examine the politics of gender thru discussions of change and continuity in
gender relations
How does this article address or illuminate the course objectives on p.10
Historical gender/sex/biology
oSocially constructed in the past the sound of urination relates to sex
sounds then moulds norms about gender and location of bathrooms
oSegregating male and female washrooms is based on social construction
if indiv raised on using neutral washrooms then wouldnt be odd to use
them currently
oGender signs on washroom reinforces gender ideology/normativity
transgender doesnt fall in particular category
Public and private space socially constructed
Linking of gender and sexuality gender segregation is also about sexual
regulation and heterosexuality as the norm
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