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University of Toronto Mississauga
Philip Goodman

SOC371 Nov 12 th To Tour or Not to Tour? - some of the (assumed) benefits of academic prison tours: o experimental learning – applying concepts to the ‘real world’ o countering stereotypes o catering to student demand, interest o vocational aspects o chance to interest with those doing time o coming to terms with the punitive state The Growing Critique of Prison Tours as Part of Classroom Learning and Research - critique by Piche and Walby: why they are opposed to prison tours, what is Brown’s position - related, what then are prison tours doing according to Piche and Walby? Brown? - treats prisoners as if they were animals in a zoo o discourse of safety, issues around consent - what is it about the prison that becomes so seductive that people want a tour o sites of pain and exclusion – want to experience but also distance ourselves o thin form of experience – not deep knowledge gained from walking around for hours o as if the people taking students on tours want to dehumanize the prisoners – but the people mean well, they want the opposite – they normalize and humanize the prisoners for research and pedagogical uses - engrained that this is an acceptable and desirable practise – seems so natural to us o we b
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