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Lecture 8

SOC371H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Supermax Prison, Solitary Confinement

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Philip Goodman

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Penal Boundaries
Solitary confinement, torture -> extreme punishment, there is no particular boundary
Situation is extraordinary, law and polices that allows extraordinary situations are actually
udae, reates ategories of those o are presuptioall dagerous
Shows how CSC thinks about prisoners
Upo further diggig, peal oudar dot look too etree, a to a streaore ad
periphery) The core is the space governed under criminal law, periphery is the experience most
people experience in incarceration cycle
Its really about condition and treatment
The core and periphery have multiple definitions
“ietifi Eperietatio
Get a substance of variety of things that happened
Focused on Canadian prisons
Mississippi in 1910s : prison farms people mimic plantation of slavery, doctor tried to prove he
isolated the ause of a disease, due to peoples diets/food osuptio, reruited prisoer
oluteers ad put the o seere dietread ad ater, the people eetuall aught the
disease, and the doctor would cure them
-justifies in the same way as kingston penintenary, prisoners are eligible and well suited for
medical experiments
Logic of experimentation as rehabilitation
Its about race and status in prison
20th century correctional philosophy
“ietifi eperietatio  usig prisoers as oluteer, its a prole eause orall at
have a open full volunteering when you are a prisoner
Focus on treatment, rehabilitation, cognitive behavioral therapy, therapeutic programs on the
20th century are not a coincidence, in the 20th century it focuses on knowing the person that led
to be criminal, using the prisoners case as a study, they were all mechanisms for rehabilitation,
its natural and defensible( proud of it, its about improving the methods of rehabilitation for
prisoners to get back to society)
Paul Gendreau
A pioneer in the rehabilitation programming
Hooked people to electronic shocks to encourage to quit smoking
The Caadia rehailitatio i priso prograig, its a a to identify risk and need
The logic is identical to 1980s-90s logic of rehabilitation, productive intervention to cognitive
behavioral therapy
Limitations of Punishment Continued:SuperMax Prisons
Supermax prisons are seen in Canada as well
The prison system justifies
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