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Philip Goodman

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Comack book**-prison socio framework of prison rehab era prison is permeable own
thing from before
Book 1940 clemmer the prison community unity thing as a distinct world
-prisonization process of ppl when they enter prison they take on cultural institutional
norms of that setting
-medical model of treating prisoners product of their social environment any effort to
keep them from coming back has to be looking at broader terms
-over time ppl develop connections to prison environment has structure, hierarchy,
relationship between guards and inmates particular type of setting becomes normalization
-6 universal factors of prison 1. Acceptance of inferior role 2. Learn overtime facts of the
organization of prison/learning 3. New habits of daily life 4. Adoption of local language 5.
Radicalized way of thinking/frustration structural disadvantage - prison
Sykes society of captives 1958
-power and its defects power retained by admin but not total power - compromises
-pains of imprisonment/deprivation 5 broad categories 1. Deprivation of liberty 2. Sex
segregated 3.
-argot rules slang/language
-prison as distinct entity more attention on permeable boundaries brings up
holocaust how prison isnt like that
-few prisons that actually operate with force all the time
Goffmans asylums prison one of several total institutions = definition on powerpoint
-prison and the self
-role differentiation, deviant behaviour etc ways of coping with nature of the total
Importations deprivation debate continuing importance of ppl lives on the streets prior to arrest
-ppl taking roles that are unique of institution
-roles and argot product of hierarchies in free world not just prison
growing attention to race and ethnic race relations paradigm Jacobs, carroll
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