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Lecture 5

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Shyon Baumann

Lecture 5- Media Portrayals February 7, 2014 ways in which media portrays certain things problematic because it is where many people get their information from i.e.Albino wings at Earls how different social groups are depicted in the media Stereotype "preconceived, standardized, and oversimplified impression of the characteristics which typify a person, situation, etc. facilitate mass communication can perpetuate inequalities apply it to whole group which ignores variation within the group- i.e. Asian's are bad drivers are generally false taking an instance and distoring the nature of it Media Effects similarly to violent in media, there is a field of study that attempts to understand how media portrayals influence real-world attitudes and behaviours theories of how media portrayals are connected to real-world attitudes and behaviours include bullet theory, observatiional learning and schema theory bullet- people only mimic what they see in the media schema- psychologically oriented media effects are theorized to be powerful because we are not aware that we are being affected; changes are subconscious ContentAnalysis counting narrowly defined elements of content within rationally defined sample allows for comparisons across studies, and across media and time maximize objective measurement of media content; contrast with semiotic analysis allows for identification of explicit modes of representation as well as identification of systematic diferences between groups pros: replicable across different researchers and allows for compariosons allows to identify how people on surface (explicit) are represented and systematic differences between groups (only noticeable when looking at overall trends Women in the media long history of underrepresentation- i.e. fewer female characteristics on tv as opposed to male characters sexualization- women's bodies portrayed in sexual way in order to attract attentio; their only value in appearing coming from sexual appeal/behaviour objectification- something to someone else's sexual use infantilization- presented as childis
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