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Shyon Baumann

SOC284- Lecture 10 March 21, 2014 Media and Politics Public vs. Private Media public- funded by state; originally incorporated as an act of the government CBC is our public broadcaster (television, radio, internet), BBC in Britain, PBS/NPS in the US commercials on CBC- funding is partial rely on state funding in order to operate- affects kinds of media content they create private- owned and run to make profit David Taras (argues that we do need public media): most important rationales for necessity of public media include: need to produce journalism as a public good (in the service of democracy) i.e. CBC news- not necessarily to produce profit (profit for news channel- large audience so they can sell to advertisers) the public media when freed from pressure of making profit, allows them to produce journalism that is good for society at large and not motivated by profit; not worrying about "sensational" news but what is actually important in society need to maintain plurity of voices and viewpoints- provide platform so we can have diverse views aired (with CBC) because private media decides whose voice is heard need to produce content that is specifically Canadian (in the service of national identity and culture) i.e. canadians mainly consume american media- shows, news, etc PaulAttah (argues against need to have public media) nothing diffrent about broadcasting, and all the other media are not public hard to define what is in the public interest, and often elite prefences and opinions are assumed private broadcasters accomplish the same goals with respect to enhancing democracy- private broadcasters produce canadian specific content civil society relies on many other things besides broadcasting for its vitality Robert McChesney: why does the US have so little public media, especially broadcasters? free market ideology corporate media and journalism schools argue that journalists must be free from government interference (fear of totalitarian state)- lots of co
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