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Communication and Ethics Lecture One: January .06.2010 1 Syllabus: Lectures will elaborate on central issuesconcepts of readings The purpose of the lecture is to help understand the readings. Office Hours: BEFORE CLASS (Check Syllabus) Evaluation: Two short papers (750 words each3 Pages) th Midterm TestFebuary 10 2011 MC, Short Answer (definition and explanation), 2 Short Paragraph No Final Examination Lateness You need to email for lateness, no longer then one week after the lateness. You need 2 documents in order to have an extension. You need to declare absence on ROSI AND a valid 3 party documentation. Make-up tests are done one week after the original test. Five percent per day (waived if proper documentation is provided) Assignments are to be submitted on blackboard; along with a Hardcopy. What is Mass Media and Communication? Elements of mass media communication Production Content Reception 1. ProductionHow is mass media produced? How do we decide when to stop producing? 2. ContentThe content element occurs after the production --- We need to figure out what type of content is produced ( is it propaganda, news, soap opera, entertainment, sports, ect.) ---Propaganda: A way to make an audience change their views 3. Reception--- What happens when the content reaches the audience? ---How does the audience react? Do they like it or do they not like it? People who like a certain mass media, will recommend, and buy it. If you dislike a media then you will give a negative advertisement. Word of Mouth discussion amongst people is the worst type of negative impact that a producer could receive.
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