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University of Toronto Mississauga
Nikolay Shchitov

Sept 9, 2013 • Intro Questions o Learn how treatment of mentally ill patients might turn to punishment o Discuss why some obviously mentally ill criminals were treated as sane individuals in the courts o Explain evolution of incarceration of mentally ill people. Why are they more often imprisoned nowadays in the US and Canada than 3 decades before? • What is punishment? o Punishment as infliction of pain  ‘Pain’here is used in the broad sense (any negative emotion) • Physical pain: torture, mutilation, thirst, cold, etc • Psychological pain: shame, boredom, fear, etc o Punishment as humiliation  1. Lowers social status of the person  2. Inflicts shame, degradation, loss of self-respect, debasement, discrediting, etc • Anders Breivik o Set off car bomb in Oslo city center (killed 8) o Shooting at Utoya of 69 youth members ofAUF (political party) o Ideology: hate of Islam and multiculturalism o Received confinement of up to 21 years, minimum 10 years  Norway has focus on humane treatment of all prisoners, even mass murderers Sept 16, 2013 • Libertarian o Freedom  You have freedom as long as it does not infringe on someone else’s freedom o Equality  Everyone is equal o Order • Questions in email will be on tests Sept 23, 2013 • N
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