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Lecture 18

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Jerry Brunner

Page 1Page 2Nonconstant variance HeteroscedasticityUsed Car Sales nnumber of dealershipsYPrice paid by customerx1Number of sales peoplex2Average sales force years of experiencex3Average sales force years of educationx4Percent women on sales forcex5Average income of census tract where dealership is located in thousandsx6Number of cars sold not in model carsalesreadtablehttpwwwutstattorontoedubrunner302f13codendatalecturecarsalesdata headcarsalessalesforce yrsexp yrseduc women income nsales avprice1 20 42512735 24 7860992 16 642138 6 87 77616136 92513817 56 2260944 17 60811624 26 7160305 12 558127 8 26 49610868 73315550 42 336136 autolmavpricesalesforceyrsexpyrseducwomenincome datacarsales summaryautoCalllmformulaavpricesalesforceyrsexpyrseducwomenincome datacarsalesResidualsMin1QMedian3Q Max 307716260080 543835601 Page 13 of 23Page 3Coefficients Estimate Std Error t value PrtIntercept 6099146396865962965 2e16 salesforce 15577 16865 0924035724yrsexp144620 53166 2720000733yrseduc133943 704241902005918 women10157 06621 1534012721income 06383 03099 2059004126 Signif codes0000100100501 1 Residual standard error 9894 on 144 degrees of freedomMultiple Rsquared 01103Adjusted Rsquared 007939 Fstatistic357 on 5 and 144 DFpvalue 00045yhatautofittedvaluessrrstandardautoattachcarsalesMake variable names accessible without dollar signsThe following objects are masked from packagedatasetswomen plotyhatavpricePlot yhat versus yPage 14 of 23
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