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Multiple Lectures Lectures notes taken during multiple classes. HUGE focus on power relations + subjectivity.

Visual Culture and Communication
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John Ricco

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VCC304 Visual Culture and the Construction of Identity Lecture Notes
Wednesday, September-08-10
Ellen Degeneres Here and Now monologue
- “We are all gay
o One is presumed to be straight until otherwise said
Concept of Marked and Unmarked subject
Wednesday, September-29-10
“Where does identity come from?”
- “What is it made of?”
- Butler -> Relationship b/t body, subjectivity, and identity
o How they are attached
o Subjectivity
Who is this body?
o Identity
What is this body that says and answers to Who?
As if assigning a name to this subject
o What is being constructed?
o Co-extensive
As the bodies exist, they co-exist with one another
In order for one to exist, all must exist
o Where do all of these come from?
Theorological and creationists
o Spatiality and materiality of a subject’s identity
Socially deterministic
o All comes from social forces
As if we played no role in the subject
o Everything is controlled by the user
o You have total agency
o Self-determined
o Opposite of socially deterministic
Process of materializing
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