Lecture 5

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Visual Culture and Communication
Amish Morrell

May 25, 2010 VCC201 Lecture 5 CLASS NOTES Four Images and get Four terms and talk about them And short Multiple Choice section Final test on the June 17th Assignments need to be double-spaced Only submit work online no hardcopies Modernity, Spectatorship, Power and Knowledge KEY CONCEPTS Modernity Innovation, fashion, progress Opposed to idea of the classical, tradition, and antiquity According to Marx, its a effect of capital accumulation Its also a particular experience of time And ultimately leading to a category of aesthetics Emphasizes on rationality, quest for truth Stages of Modernity o 12 century the idea of present as an irreversible break with the past re[laces the idea of the old and the new existing in a cyclical relationship o The subsequent emergence of the information and the renaissance designated antiquity to the pagan
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