Lecture 8

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Visual Culture and Communication
Amish Morrell

June 3, 2010 VCC201 Lecture 8 Public Sphere Pim Reinders, 1698, Interior of European CoffeeHouse (IMAGE) A term which originated with the German theorist Jrgen Habermas that defines space where citizens come together to debate and discuss the pressing issues of their society. Habermas defined this as an ideal space in which well-informed citizens would discuss matters of common public interest outside of the context of private interests. Example of public sphere is Wellington Park, NYC meeting place for people to come and hang out; sometimes people are performing The public sphere is only an ideal Michael Shamberg, Guerilla Television, Raindance Corporation, 1971 - IMAGE Media can represent and stand in the public sphere Politics can be integrated into the public sphere Manual for using video, for making your own media TVTV, Four More Years... - IMAGE Showing how to use the
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