VCC336 Lecture 8 - GreenMarketing

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Visual Culture and Communication
Neil Narine

VCC336 Lecture 8 - GREEN MARKETING AND CONSUMPTION AGENDA - Class survey - Ads as abstraction - Ads as ideology - BP - Greenwashing - Green consumerism CLASS SURVEY - On a scale of 1-5, how concerned are u about environmental issues? ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINT - I = P x C X T - An estimate of how much land and water resources are needed to meet the consumption level of an individual given info about their use of technology - In short, how a person’s lifestyle impacts the planet. ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINT - To calculate an Ecological Footprint, the consumption of energy, biomass (food, fibre), building material, water and other resources are converted into a normalized measure of land area called ‘global hectares’ (gha). - In NA, we consume ¼ of the world’s globally. 5% of global popul, but we consume ¼ of the world’s resources. Is it really a matter of people (consumers) versus NATURE? - There is this division between us and nature. We want to be safe. There are other people who say we are a part of nature. We are just smart animals who walk upright. WHAT IS NATURE? - Nature is both a) physical and material world b) a social construct NATURE - TAOIST: humans are part of the natural world, but everything should be valued for its own sake not for what it does for us - BUDDHIST: everything is linked and nothing exists in and of itself, but only humans are capable of conscious action and therefore it is our responsibility to care for all life - ANIMISTIC: the world around us, ‘nature’ and its component parts, is embodied with spirits that are to be respected, revered or feared - ISLAMIC: Allah has given humans/authority over all nature, nature is there to serve man yet they are responsible for taking care of it in his name - JUDEO-CHRISTIAN: much like Islamic beliefs, humans are separate from nature, nature is subordinate to humans and it is there to serve their needs SCIENTIFIC - SCIENTIFIC: “nature” refers to all observable phenomena of the physical or material universe, and is not seen to include spiritual or supernatural existence. This definition essentially includes all things human as well REPRESENTING NATURE IN ADS -
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